Seeing the magnificent buildings inside the academy, Lion said with emotion: This is indeed the No. 1 Magic Academy in the Green Empire, and it looks very magnificent from the outside.
In the carriage, I pointed to an area surrounded by green walls and told Liont: This is the dormitory where I usually live. Most of the time, for the convenience of going to school, I still have to live in the dormitory.
Lione looked at the eyes on the outer wall and said: That’s good.
Originally, I wanted to take Lion and the others 江苏桑拿论坛 to have a meal on the College Food Street, but considering the next trip, I had to give it up.
Then the magic caravan drove us along Yulin Avenue to the end, and looked at the Tower of Pride there. Then I took Ryante, Fanny, and Nancy to visit the Yerkes Scholar’s ??home, Yerkey The Sri Lankan scholar saw me stunned for a long time before he said: Why are you here?
I smiled and introduced Ryante and Fanny to the Yerkes scholar, and told him that before he left the imperial capital, he insisted on coming over to thank the Yerkes scholar personally, and Yerkes swallowed the rest of the words back into his stomach. Blinked at me fiercely.
The Yerkes scholar invited Liont and Fanny into the living room, and then quietly asked Eve to entertain them, but dragged me into his study, and then he exhaled a long breath with a kind of 南京桑拿夜网 impossibility. Staring at me convincingly.
Yekis said to me: “Do you know that the entire imperial capital has already exploded because of you. Have you not read today’s magic newspaper? The priest of the Temple of Liberty has already stabbed you. When I came out, the entire Magic Guild, the Angel Boulder royal family, and the Temple of Liberty were all shocked. To be honest, when I saw the news, I was shocked too!”
He pulled up my collar. , With a bitter face to me, said: “Although I know that something about you is not visible, don’t get rid of you all of a sudden, okay?” It
seems that the magic newspaper reflects the mentality of Yerkes scholar