ome out? You are still on bail. Shouldn’t you run around wearing a positioning ankle? Have you taken medicine tonight?”

It turns out that the person who imitated Director Gordon was his son, James Gordon Jr, known as Jr. James. The abbreviation is a letter combination that will be blocked.
He looks exactly the same as Gordon when he was young, but the biggest difference is that his father is a good policeman, while his son is a mentally ill and serial murderer.
He was treated in Arkham most of the time. 南京龙凤网 After the major event of the sinking of the earth, he was released on parole because of his good performance and a certificate from a psychologist.
The unsophisticated young man had a simple reason for his debut. He was a talented person with high intelligence. When he was a child, he watched his father solve crimes every day. Later, he was kidnapped several times by various villains. He saw bad guys including clowns again and again. Defeated by Batman.
Unlike girls like her sister, she began to worship the Dark Knight brainlessly after being saved by Batman a few times, and the boys who refused to admit defeat gradually came up with some ideas.
‘Is there a perfect crime in the world? Can Batman really solve any case? Are the detectives better than all the police? ‘
‘Then my father even gave up the family for work. He and his 江苏桑拿论坛 sister have lived like orphans since they were young. What is the value? ‘
In the beginning, those thoughts just circulated in his mind, but then when he was a teenager, with some strength in his arms and legs, he began to put the murder in his mind into action.
As soon as a few cases came out, he became the famous “Ripper” and “Throat Slasher” of Gotham at the time. He used a knife and a clever brain to create a series of murder cases without clues.
In Gotham during that period, a new body was found in the bustling area every morning and died of throat cut and autopsy. However, there were no fingerprints, no footprints, no surveillance, no witnesses, and even