ct or something to add?”

“You have also experienced flashpoint events and retain memories. When 南京夜生活spa论坛 Wally wants to play the timeline, you should stop him.” Su Ming sighed silently, swiftly Under the force of the package, his own mass is infinitely close to zero, but it will not affect Barry’s running.
Xiaoxuan blinked, with a pitiful look on his face. The golden electric current lingered on his red tights, and said the standard superhero lines:
“Wolly, he finally got out of the maze of rapid force, he was lost in it. After ten years, I even thought I would lose him forever. He finally went home. I just wanted to be nice to him.”
“Alas, Wally can’t even play the old death knell of the main world, he is far behind you. “Su Ming sighed and turned to look at the black shadow chasing the two behind him: “If you want to be nice to him, you can buy him a car, introduce a girlfriend or something, but you shouldn’t let him be in a superb power plane. Hanging around. He has been trapped here for 南京桑拿楼凤网 so long, even if someone is open-minded, he will be scared when he comes back here. There is a problem with his mentality and his work is unreliable.” The
speed plane can trap people, a 江苏桑拿论坛 combination of time and speed. The body is the top labyrinth. If a person is lost in the flow of time, it will be terrible no matter which universe he is in.
Let alone ten years, ordinary people were trapped alone in a maze of strange things for one night, and I am afraid that they would have a mental breakdown.
Now Barry’s runway is more like a tunnel, surrounded by mottled light spots up and down, and they fly quickly, connecting into a floating light, which is the afterimage of the pictures at various points in time in the high-speed movement.
Entering that picture is equivalent to entering a stream of time, and the images are distorted and floating, and no one can see clearly except for the speed ones. Once you enter a certain end of time that is about to burst and cannot leave, then What happens will be terrible.
Of co