y?” Carol blinked desperately, trying to restore some vision.

“They huh?”
Daisy made a strange noise halfway through, because she saw a spacecraft protruding into the atmosphere, dragging a long flame, and flying towards this side in a dive posture.
When passing the sky over those big bugs that had lost their vision and became wriggling like flies without their heads, the back door of the spacecraft opened, and a brawny man with gray skin and alien tattoos on his arms jumped from the rear cabin with two daggers in his hand. come out.
His body was bent into a bow in the air, and the short knife in both hands was raised high, and then he roared and slammed into the insect that looked like a big cockroach.
The double knives danced wildly, and a big hole was made in the fat body. The strong man pulled the edge of the wound forcefully, and directly penetrated into the green water-filled body of the insects, slashing the internal organs 南京桑拿夜网 for a while.
“A helper helped us deal with it.” Daisy smiled and hugged Carol.
She knew that spaceship, the death knell was given to Xingjue, but she didn’t expect that the boy came back when the earth was in danger!
Even with her somewhat blurred vision, the Star Jue in the cab obviously saw her, and the choreographer beckoned.
In the past few years, he has grown up a bit, and even has a moustache of ecstasy.
His flying skills have also improved a lot. The spacecraft like the swallow flies up and down among the swarms of insects, firing red lasers at full firepower, and the one in the co-pilot seat who is laughing and controlling the fire is a raccoon?
They cooperated perfectly, and then, when passing by two special bugs, they dropped another two aliens from the rear hatch.
A tall tree man, and a slender green-skinned woman, 南京龙凤论坛 they all have their own special methods, catching the temporarily blind worm mothers is a big beating.
Trees have infinite manpower, while women are exquisite in martial arts. In front of them, the rubber-like solid bodies of