r flew away, just like this, chasing to the side of the maelstrom.

And the density of insects here is quite 南京夜生活论坛 terrible, even the air is full of dangling, you can even use the bodies of the crowded insects as a mountain to climb, these disgusting insects are constantly tumbling and flying, making a deafening buzz. Buzz.
It was the sound of flapping wings. When hundreds of millions of insects were gathered together, the sound was louder than the sound of a tsunami.
“Get away!” The
sentry slammed directly through the pile of bugs blocking the way. In an instant, tens of thousands of grasshoppers turned into mixed carapace flesh and fell to the ground, his eyes still fixed on the one holding his wife. The’Bug’, speeded up again.
But the worm has entered 南京桑拿楼凤网 the maelstrom, taking the woman together, like a sesame seed caught in a toilet bowl, and disappeared in a whisper.
“Want to escape? Die to me!” The
crazy Shanzhai Superman rushed in directly without splashing even a single splash.
Chapter 2171
“It’s done,
take a break .” Above the clouds, Su Ming nodded, indicating that Dum and Wanda can take a break.
It was the cooperation of the two wizards that perfectly achieved the effect of the decoy tactics. If Wanda did not come, Su Ming would have to deform the strangulation and act as a bug himself.
But with the help of Scarlet Witch, many things became simple.
Dum controlled an annihilation insect through the nano-robot that was previously cracked in the negative space. He controlled it like a long-range battle armor, pretending to be wrapped in a bionic to escape.
Wanda is responsible for modifying the space, replacing the position of the decoy again and again, attracting the sentinel to chase.
She is still not strong enough. The current Wanda is still a naive girl, living a carefree life. If she becomes blackened like the Scarlet Witch in Universe 616, I am afraid she can easily turn the sentry into an ordinary person.
No one can say exactly where the upper limit of Chaos Magic i