the big bugs can easily be broken open, exposing the internal organs.

The next process was a bit too bloody and terrifying, and the screams of insects made people hairy.
“I heard it, then let’s assemble first.” Carol didn’t know any animal on the earth that could make such a cry, so the alien invader must be injured. In this way, she really needs some time. To restore vision.
The female Thor nodded, looked at the spaceship with two white lines dragged out by the wings, and looked at the death knell of hacking insects in the distance, she showed a knowing smile.
Sure enough, the death knell was right, he didn’t misunderstand the person Xing Jue. 南京桑拿按摩网
Although that guy is just a dancer, he is still a stubborn, and even loves to eat grass, but he does not forget that he is a human being on earth.
That’s great, it seems that justice has won again this time.
Chapter 2175 A good person
is flying in the sky, and now I don’t know how many people watched him, Su Ming didn’t show cosmic energy or symbiosis. He just flew casually and waved his weapon to chop some bugs, meaning that few times.
The Annihilation Insect King accepted that condition. It had no choice, at least until it was absolutely certain that it could beat the death knell next time, it would not come back again.
These miscellaneous soldiers and the three worm queens left behind were just to let the angry people vent their anger. Anyone who likes to hit the’sandbags’ should go and fight, anyway, Su Ming’s heart 南京龙凤论坛 is calm.
The vortex in the sky is shrinking rapidly, just like the water in the toilet has reversed. Many insects are chased by the heroes in the sky, holding their heads, trying to escape back into the big hole.
But at least three worm queens were obviously entangled by 南京桑拿楼凤网 the Guardians of the Galaxy. The tray they were moving on was damaged by the raccoon’s machine gun, and they couldn’t get away at all.
Xing Jue was born as a space predator. He was both a mercenary and a pirate. He occasionally worked as a tomb thief