V inlaid on the wall and watched the news program “Empire Noon”.

“Due to the two recent incidents of sudden 南京夜生活spa论坛 death of magicians while playing virtual adventure games, Master Kailu, who is known for his love, formally applied to the Affairs Committee and the Magic Research Committee to stop funding for the’virtual magic practice’ project, believing that this project has Very serious security risks. The integration of artificial intelligence, alchemy life and illusion stimulation will inevitably cause problems. It must wait for the arcanist of this project to propose practical preventive measures before it can be started again.” The
news anchor is a black-haired blue-eyed Ms. Holm has a dignified face and a pleasant voice.
“And Ms. Heidi, the arcanist in charge of the’virtual magic practice’ project, publicly stated that there is no contradiction between the two sudden deaths and the arcane concept of’virtual reality’, and only a physical 南京夜生活论坛 examination is required before the use of illusion stimulation. She believes The attack of Master Kailu is absurd and illogical, just like someone drove an alchemy car down a cliff after being drunk. The result was not a ban on drinking and driving, but a total ban on the 江苏桑拿论坛 promotion of alchemy cars.”
“On this matter. On the previous page, the arcanists quarreled fiercely. At present, the committee is more inclined to control the promotion of “virtual magic practice”.”
Downey heard the news while working, and blurted out very strangely: “How could this be?”
Under normal circumstances, as a student of His Excellency Evans, Ms. Heidi’s research project would not be attacked so severely.
The boss seemed to have guessed Downey’s doubts and he laughed: “After writing the manuscript of “What is Life”, it is said that His Excellency Evans left our world with Her Majesty and went on an adventure in another parallel universe. Seeking the path of immortality, the empire is currently under the supervision of the prince, and after this adventure has determined some thi