he two types of gods that have the same origin but are mutually positive and negative, the “spherical” magic circle becomes difficult to operate, no longer the light and flowing before, the change that can be completed in just one minute, Now it takes two full minutes!

“Pope” Viken looked at the “monster” Viken below, with a cold expression and cold eyes. I am Viken. You are just a “vine” attached to me. I can’t get rid of you, and there is no way to suppress it. You?
After confirming that Lucian hid in the necromantic world to complete the ritual, I guessed that you would definitely not let this opportunity go!
Now it takes at least half an hour for Lucien to complete the ceremony. How long can the power you reveal from the “world of doors” last?
As soon as the power of the “monster” Viken was suppressed, the ground became more and more like nine layers of hell, and the power drawn from the world of the undead became weaker and weaker. In less than half an hour, the “spherical” magic circle would be due 南京桑拿会所 to energy. Deficit and collapse on its own!
“Lord of Hell” Mardi Moss deliberately suppressed the speed at which the “Nine Layers of Hell” took shape, and continued to attack the “Monster” Viken frontally.
“Monster” Viken has to devote half of his energy to deal with the influence of “Pope” Viken. If it weren’t for the assistance of “Stormmaster” Fernando, it would be difficult for him to persevere. However, the high-altitude “Pope” Viken is magical And strange spells emerge in an endless stream. While suppressing the “monster” Viken through strange relationships, facing the “Silver Moon” is only a slight disadvantage. It is worthy of being the most powerful one of the gods, and he has not used it yet. God surrender technique”!
——After relying on the power of faith to become a god, Viken no longer knows the world, but he can rely on his own “half plane” to indirectly perform magic, 南京桑拿楼凤网 anyway, the magic model inscribed in the soul has never disappeared.
Ten 南京龙凤论坛 minutes later, even if the “Lo