turn, and at critical moments, by blocking my induction with the fragments, Pretend to be someone in front of me.

“It’s like this.” After
Fate heard it, his face was still sinking: “You didn’t answer my question. You just used a result to confirm your speculation, but what I want to know is that now, since the fragments are with you I have cut off the connection with me. How exactly did you come to the conclusion that the god in front of you is impersonated by fate.”
“It’s very simple.” Feng Bujue replied, “because your shielding is against me It didn’t work.”
“Oh?” When fate heard it, his expression changed infrequently, “Why?”
“From your expression, you should already know the answer, right?” Feng Bujue said with a smile.
“The 南京夜生活论坛 Absurdity of Truth” muttered destiny.
“Not bad.” Feng Bujue shouted loudly, “The Falsehood of Truth!”
“After only a few minutes of contact with the real’God’, you realized the ability that you couldn’t comprehend before anyway?” Destiny asked.
“A few minutes is enough.” Feng Bujue replied, “Before you’drove over’, he had already said everything that should be said.”
He paused for two seconds, and then said: “‘Fear’, it’s just a moment. This is the key to choosing to understand the absurdity of truth.
“Unconsciously and fearlessly to commit suicide, neither ghost nor god, like a madman, I have known the meaning of the absurdity of truth a long time ago, but at that time, my fear was sealed. Yes, the so-called “no sense of no fear” is just a passive and inevitable, not my “choice”.
“Now, when I reach the state described in these two 江苏桑拿论坛 sentences through my own will, the situation is naturally different.”
When he said this, Feng Bujue raised his hand and snapped his fingers.
Suddenly, the surrounding black space became white, and the guillotine, throne and bed created by fate became three black doors.
Although the three doors stand in three places, they are completely the same in terms of physical appearance and data level; just as Ge Ge said, whicheve