e suspect confessed that Qi Yuan had insufficient experience and could not be flexible, so he could only learn from the experience summed up by his predecessors and the knowledge of the teachers in the classroom as much as possible.

Just listen to her saying: “My mother is worried that the transfer will be seen as a problem. , I used my grandmother’s ID card to apply for a card, and then transferred it 南京龙凤论坛 in. It was said to the outside world that he respected the elders, and then gave the card to the cousin’s family, and then told him when his family visited the prison that the money had been received. , He also recognized this method. ”
Speaking of this, she paused for two more seconds, and then continued: “My mother lent him the car, but if something went wrong, she was still fully responsible. Drunk driving. Actually, I have to bear joint responsibility. It’s not clear, it seems to be this statement.
But my brother has the certificate and the car is in good condition. The police confessed that the wine was only drunk after borrowing the car, so he only needs to bear a certain amount of liability for compensation. My mother gave the money straightforwardly and it was over.
I have finished speaking, basically this is the situation. 南京夜生活spa论坛 My family, my man’s family, and my cousin’s dad knew about this, but no one else knew it.
But because my family of men knew that I had a huge handle in their hands, I didn’t dare to mention divorce, or even quarrels or something, I was always forced to a disadvantage, and my conscience was very guilty.
As time passed, I couldn’t stand this kind of life anymore, and finally decided to kill them all, free myself, and re-behave in the future. ”
Qi Yuan sighed, wanting to make a comment, but after all he pressed it down, only asking: “The policeman who handled the case did not ask the owner of the farmhouse at that time?” ”
I asked, but the car stopped outside and they didn’t look at it. How did they know that I went out to drive.” “Zhou Jia said:
“At that t