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“non-ghosts, non-gods, like crazy”
people, one after another, some people recognize Brother Jue, and some monsters don’t know why they are like a cipher, you just say me One sentence also explained his poem number in its entirety.
It seems that Feng Bujue has done a good job of self-propaganda in the main universe over the years (in terms of time in the game), not only in the main areas 南京桑拿夜网 of the main universe, people know him, but even the remoteness of the monster kingdom. The pirates in the land, including the sea of ??chaos, can recite his name with a poem.
“Crazy?” Not long after, Mr. Hanji on the city wall has also received Freddy’s report. As a king, how can he never hear the name of Brother Jue, “hodyho!” He immediately said Christmas Poop (character setting) unique interjection (also used as greeting), and then said, “It’s the one who beats the court of truth, kicks the master of time, explores our kingdom seven times, the church of the three-play fantasy magic, sweeps the monsters Island, bravely rushed to the Foundation, scared the urinary seal Jie Zun, frightened Dianwang’s madness?”
Freddy nodded, “Yes.”
“Wow~ It seems there is hope for this battle. !” Mr. Hanji happily jumped twice, leaving two more 南京龙凤论坛 poop marks on the battlements, “Can you help me bring him to the podium?”
“Ah, I have asked Sadako to contact him. “Yes,” Freddy replied.
Just as they were talking, in the air.
“Hello, Mr. Billy.” On the glass in front of Billy’s eyes, a female ghost’s face suddenly appeared and greeted him.
Billy also seemed quite calm: “Sadako?”
“Yes.” Sadako replied, “Although I really want to climb out of this glass to talk to you, it seems a bit crowded on your side. I’ll just say it here. .”
“That’s the best,” Billy continued.
“You look to your lower left, the middle section of the southern city wall, that is, the section behind the five-color dragon army” Sadako said again.
“I saw it.” Billy said, “What’s wrong there?”
“The king is there and wants to