d stared at me.

“If the secret you said is not worth the price I paid, I won’t fulfill my promise.” I clenched my fists, frowned and looked at Rengar. I didn’t expect the first sentence when he woke up. Then, he was still worried about his daughter. It seemed that he was really putting his life and death out of the picture. Even when he was dying, he was still trying to settle his daughter.
But I wonder if I can get along well enough with a harpy.
“Why do you think I can take good care of her?” I asked him as if he was a little more sober.
南京夜生活spa论坛 “Because you never discriminate against orcs!” He blurted out without any hesitation.
Even though I thought of thousands of answers, I didn’t expect Rengar to say such a sentence.
Yes, no matter it is Luca, Kalantuo, Zewang, I can treat them as partners and friends, and I have never thought about the difference between orcs and humans. A bitter smile appeared on my face. Thinking of the beautiful days of freedom on the wasteland, it turned out to be some memories long ago.
Mine leaned into his ear and said to him: “If one day in the future, she knows that the person who takes care of her is her father-killer enemy, will this be the biggest joke?”
“I need you to give me a promise and never tell her the truth. She is a poor child.” Rengar’s eyes showed a trace of sadness. I have never seen an orc warrior as fierce as a lion. Emotionally rich, he said weakly to me: “Come here, kid, although these things should not be told to you, but I don’t have any other bargaining chips. I only have such a secret now. I once sweared, This secret will be kept forever, unless I die.”
“It’s just that I’m dying now, so it doesn’t matter whether or not to say 南京桑拿夜网to that vow.” Rengar said weakly, every time he said one. Words and words take a lot of effort, purple blood rushes out along the corner of his mouth, his eyes are still staring at me, he is waiting for my huge promise.
“Well, I promise you that I will help you take care of her!” I leaned into his ear and said to