ve to pay this time? “When the

fire was almost over, Nanjing Longfeng said, “You have already owed me a favor in Moldova. Plus this time there are two favors. How about you investigating a person and a boat for me?
” If I agree, would you agree 南京龙凤网 to borrow your monitoring?” Issachar asked cautiously and suspiciously.
“I agree that it’s useless, you have to move Mr. Hu. Of course, this is not a big deal in itself, I believe you must have a way to impress him.”

“Deal!” Issachar stood up and stretched out his hand, waiting for 南京夜生活论坛 Nanjing After Longfeng got up and held it, he asked, “Tell me who you want to investigate who has which boat?”
“The person I want to investigate is not in a hurry. Let me find a boat for me first. It’s an arrest in Japan. The whale ship, whose name is the Guizhai ship, is a descendant of Yasaki Yamazaki.”
“That’s it?” Issachar breathed a sigh of relief. He thought the other party wanted information on the warship of which country, if that was the case. It is more cost-effective for him to book a ticket to leave here as soon as possible.
“That’s enough.” After Nanjing Longfeng finished speaking, he added, “Your investigation has nothing to do with me.”
“Of course!” Issachar happily responded, and asked more, “You just Don’t worry that I will find some information to perfuse you?”
“If you think it is necessary, I will let Mr. Hu be your 南京桑拿楼凤网 guarantor.” Nanjing Longfeng said nonchalantly.
Issachar secretly swallowed, his expression a little stiff, “No no, my friend, you have to have more faith in the false friendship between us. It’s just a boat. If you find it troublesome, I will help you sink it. Anyway, don’t bother Mr. Hu for such trivial matters.”
“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see him.” Nanjing Longfeng turned his head, “Elena, take Miriam to visit that submarine.”
“It should be. Let Miriam take me, I haven’t even seen it yet.” Elena teased the red-haired woman sitting opposite without a trace, “Nasa, do you want to go together?”
“Of course, I never went in to