demy of Magic? Let alone the Academy of Magic, there are only a handful of saurian girls sold at the auction house.

Later, someone added: Last time, a brother in our research institute who tried to sneak this glamorous lizard girl just touched his arm and his finger was broken.
The magic assistant finished speaking. He looked at my hand carefully and carefully, and confirmed that my finger had not been broken by brute force. He was amazed, and his face was incredible.
I walked to Qige’s. At the entrance of the laboratory, it was discovered that the herbal boxes had been neatly stacked outside the door. The lizard maid Takama was holding a sheepskin booklet and a quill in her hand, carefully counting the herbal boxes.
Seeing me coming by, just rewarding me with the charming curve of my back, I asked her: “Qigg is still preparing medicine in the laboratory?”
Seeing her nodded, he opened the door of the laboratory and walked 南京桑拿夜网 in.
Although an exhaust fan is installed on each window, the laboratory still has a very strong smell of medicinal juice. The smell of the herbal medicine is not pungent, but it smells very strange. People feel very sick.
The walls on one side of the entire laboratory are full of herbal boxes, and the shelves on the other side are full of test tubes filled with medicaments, which are hung in rows on wooden racks like honeycombs.
Qige leaned on the test bench, recording something on a piece of magic parchment, and the dark green soup was boiled in the cauldron next to it. The strong herbal aroma continued to evaporate, but it was blocked by a huge condensation cover. Those herbal water vapor hung on the glass wall of the condensation cover, condensed into drops of emerald green, transparent color liquid medicine, flowed into the glass tube along the groove under the glass wall, and finally passed through several passes before being counted as flowing. Into a huge glass container.
Feeling someone walk in, Qige didn’t lift his head, and said, 南京夜生活spa论坛 “Takama, hurry up.”