you and make you a pawn in their hands.” At

this 南京桑拿按摩网 time, I understood that the so-called one in Qige’s mouth should be His Royal Highness. The first heir to the Green Empire.
The Prince of Wales is the seventh in line. If there is no big surprise, he would be unlikely to become the emperor of the Green Empire in his life. But now the 南京龙凤论坛 young Wales shows excellent commanding talents, and he is also regarded by the princes. Suspicion.
After I figured this out, I suddenly said, “So it’s like this!” I
asked Qige: “That’s why you have been reluctant to publish the fire-phosphorus bomb to the public, even if it is not in the Welsh Constructed Knights?”
“That thing belongs to you now, what does it have to do with me?” Qige smiled like a fox, and said to me: “You shouldn’t be naive to think that palace magician Kelfin, so easily I will let you go!”
“”I was speechless for a while, and I really can’t take it lightly.
Fortunately, I was still a magic student at the Royal Academy of Magic. When I was studying in the Royal Academy of Magic, it was impossible for the palace magician to use his identity to press me. But in my opinion, if you want to gain so-called true freedom 南京龙凤网 in the Green Empire, you must grow up as soon as possible.
I took out a bottle of golden cider and two tall wine glasses from the magic pocket, condensed a few ice cubes in the palm of my hand and put them into the glass, filled the glass with golden cider, and handed it to Qige. Said to her: “Anyway, for me this is something to celebrate, isn’t it?”
“I haven’t been worried before” Qige said with a smile and took the glass.
We just sat in the magic caravan like this, there was a little chat, not a word.
“Speaking of which, after the summer festival celebration, how sure are you and William in the duel?” Qige said, lying in a soft chair.
Saurian maid Takama half-kneeled in front of the soft chair, beating her leg.
Qige said with some worry: “Anyway, William is now a twelfth-level magician, and he has the blood of the drag