ment, and Noah, who stood by, quickly explained to him the origin of the magic pattern construction.

“It turned out to be the magic pattern structure made of the hard leather armor of the evil general.” Louis Mensah smiled and said, he picked up a shoulder armor covered with spurs, and carefully looked at the magic pattern carved on it. .
Not everyone likes this kind of bone armor, because some people mind that this is a layer of skin peeled off from the evil general. This is probably the reason why the constructed knights under the Prince of Wales will return to the imperial capital. , The hard leather armor of the evil general in his hand was sold on consignment immediately.
A set of high-quality magicweave constructs represents the birth of a construct knight. Louis has the youngest construct knights of the Mensa family, just like the Prince of Wales, this construct knight will 南京桑拿楼凤网 Will slowly grow with Louis.
“Go call Lance over and let him try this magic pattern construction.” Louis said to Tasha, the sexually sensitive female assistant beside him.
Tasha walked downstairs swayingly, her eyes drifting from my face with a hint of frivolousness in her eyes.
Lance is the captain of Louis’s construction knights, tall and burly, and a knight with great promotion potential. Even Louis’s subordinates can be regarded as Louis’s friends. Many times, he will follow Louis’s side and win Louis’s respect.
Lance walked into the sky garden, wearing a set of elementary power magic patterns.
This black iron-style magic pattern construction is the most common type of magic pattern construction in the knights of the construction.
If in Ayr City, a baron or a viscount can have such a set of primary power magic pattern structure, it can be regarded as a wealth. This kind of primary magic pattern structure is usually passed on from generation to generation, just like those hereditary titles.
Louis stood in front of the magic box containing the magic pattern structure, 南京夜生活论坛 handed an evil spirit helmet to Rant