y, only healing magic herbs were scarce. Two months later, this scarcity has spread to the entire industry.

If you look into it carefully, there is no alternative.
For a long time, more than 70% of magic herbs have come from many undeveloped planes. Now these planes have been caught in the flames of war. Many planes rich in potions have long stopped supplying potions, which has led to the scarcity of magic herbs.
In fact, other magic industries have also been affected to a certain extent. Many great lords with many planes have fallen into war, and major mines have stopped mining, which directly caused the price of magic 南京桑拿楼凤网 metal to continue to rise.
The price of Warcraft leather and materials also fluctuates greatly. The fluctuations in the price of these Warcraft materials are directly related to the progress of wars on various planes.
Some plane wars have achieved phased victories, then certain Warcraft materials will be shipped back to the Green Empire in batches.
Some plane wars have fallen into the quagmire, and the army of the Green Empire is constantly defeated, so there will be no warcraft materials on this plane.
Seeing the somewhat sluggish hall on the first floor of the Tower of Pride, I sighed softly. There are many leather shops on this street, but many shops are already in a half-closed state. Most of the wooden shelves for drying leather have been Put it away, fold it up like a stack of firewood, the strong potion of the old cooked skin is 南京桑拿会所网 not so pungent and pungent, Qige is covered with a white scarf, walking into a shop seems to be absolutely not the size Big leather shop.
The waiter at the door of the shop was sitting on a wooden bench, his body leaning against the door frame and dozing off constantly. His head was like a wheat ear in an autumn rice field. When the wind was blown, it slowly sank. The wind passed and again. Will come up, like a wheat wave.
Even Qige entered across the door, but failed to awaken the waiter.
I followed Qige, and when I crossed the thres