bal warrior’s face make her show the unique taste of the orc female warrior. The wind wolf tattoo on Kalantuo’s arm seems to be alive. When she held the double-edged sword in one hand, she always gave me an illusion, like a wind wolf biting the hilt of the double-edged sword.

After returning to the imperial capital from the plane of Yero, Kalancuo’s strength has undergone earth-shaking changes. Just as I kept getting promoted to the magic level, in fact, Kalancuo was also constantly breaking through, and she is now at level 16. One of the first rank fighters, and possessing such a magicweave structure with the power attribute, made her a leader in the first rank fighters.
Suddenly a tentacle stretched out in the dense forest by the tree-lined road, wrapped around the 南京桑拿会所 broken branches and remnants, and rushed towards an 南京龙凤网orc warrior behind him.
Kalantuo leaped high from the rock like an elk, raised the double-edged sword above his head with both hands, and slashed at the tentacles protruding out of the dense forest. A light blue sword shined from the blade of the double-edged sword. The front came out like a half-moon-shaped curved blade, slashing to the tentacles extremely fast. The tentacles were chopped off by the sharp half-moon-shaped sword light, splashing out a handful of thick black and purple blood.
A faceless warrior emerged from the dense forest on the side of the boulevard. His sturdy upper limb tentacles were severed by Kalancuo with a single sword. He even rushed towards Kalancuo without hesitation. He danced with several tentacles all over his body, trying to kill Kalantso was stuck tightly.
As long as you keep Kalancuo for ten seconds,南京桑拿楼凤网 the faceless fighters who follow along on the boulevard can drown Kalancuo.
It’s a pity that the faceless warrior hadn’t waited to rush to Kalancuo’s close body. Kalancuo was holding the double-edged sword and slammed into it. She strode forward two big steps with a double-edged sword in her hand. Handed over with one hand, it was full of pot