at around the fire and began to talk about what they had learned on the road to death. While chatting, we bake the pancakes to zoom slightly, and share it with three people while it is hot.

Later, the flames gradually diminished, and when only a pile of charcoal was left, Kurz took out a leg of lamb that was tightly wrapped in greased paper, tore off the wax-sealed greased paper, and set the leg of lamb on the grill. The rack turned slowly, and within 江苏桑拿论坛 a short time, the leg of lamb was roasted brown, and the oil began to drip continuously, falling into the charcoal fire, and seeing Kurz carefully brushing sauce on the leg of lamb Sister Guoguo also sighed in surprise: “The news from the caravan says that they have two orc children who are best at making delicious food. They have the secret orc recipes in their hands. The food is delicious, isn’t it you?”
Kurz and I looked at each other, and pointed at each other and said, “It’s all made by him!”

33. The bloody battle (part 1)
camp was built on the Taniguchi terrain. After setting up the entire row of tents, the threat of the gray dwarf robber group has been hanging over the people’s heads, without dissipating. It’s just that after walking out of the narrow valley known 南京桑拿按摩网 as the death plank road, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed in their hearts. This evening, the caravan’s thunder rhino and the dance troupe’s caravan parked chaotically on the big empty field of Taniguchi. After the two out-of-fit teams experienced this road of death together, they became much more harmonious with each other. Now there is nothing in the camp. There are not many things that can be picked up at the mouth of the valley. The limited bushes can’t provide much firewood. The men go as far as possible, looking for all edible wild vegetables. These days they have been drinking through the cracks in the rocks. The melted water that was scraped off from time to time was eaten with dry meat and flatbread. At this time, even if I saw wild vegetables