ren Luka cooperated with each other and rushed to the forefront. Only their fierce attacks can take the charge. The sandstone knotworm that came up retreated, and almost no sandstone knotworm could resist Kalantuo’s chopping.

Only by fighting next to the portal can we be said to be invincible. After all, we need to keep a way out.
After the Rand Knight and the Constructed Team were responsible for the break, Miss Cherie and Justus were responsible for guarding the left and right flanks of the team.
All of us magicians gathered in the center of the team. Everyone stepped on the huge corpse on the ground, and retreated from the road when they came. We did not expect dozens of sandstone knot insects to gush out from the cave. Many, the sandstone knotworms emerging from behind have blocked our retreat.
There is no retreat behind, we can only climb up the rock wall and set up a battle in a wide view. Those sandstone knotworms 南京龙凤网 surrounded the fast rock wall one after another, and these sandstone knotworms formed a wall, Gathered a little bit.
Both the Rand Knight and the Construct Team suffered some injuries at this time. Fighting with these big guys took a lot of physical effort. Even after Kalantuo killed seven sandstone knotworms in succession, sweat was secreted on his forehead, holding a double-edged blade. The sword’s hands trembled slightly.
Since we are under the siege of sandstone knotworms, we must clean up these sandstone knotworms, so I removed a bundle of frost scrolls from the magic pockets and let Yingli, Noah, Shirley Newman and Dylan senior help I threw it out, and after the frost scrolls were thrown out, they burst into ice and mist, staining the stone wall with ice and snow.
Ice walls crashed down from the air, sealing the sandstone knotworms that were besieging us in the ice wall. Then I used ice blasting to freeze most of the sandstone 南京桑拿会所 knotworms into ice sculptures in a short time.
In such an extremely cold environment, as long as you use a blunt tool to smash the sandsto