Noah said 南京桑拿夜网 this because he didn’t drink much. Shirley Newman could drink a few glasses. I really liked the original golden cider from Zimmerman Estate. Yingli took a glass of golden cider and handed it to On the side of Justus, who was carefully studying the treasure map, among everyone, only the two of us were very eager to find this treasure.
Senior Dylan walked to the window and opened the window, letting the warm sea breeze from outside blow in to replace the stale air in the house, then leaned against the window and said to us indifferently: “Why do I always feel this It’s not a sea chart at all, maybe we can look at this treasure map from another angle.”
Our attention was attracted by Senior Dylan’s words, and several eyes fell on Senior Dylan. Senior Dylan was a little unaccustomed to push his eyes on the bridge of his nose. The original 南京桑拿楼凤网 confidence was lost all at once, and he was silent. After a while, he coughed slightly, and then pointed to the treasure map on the round table and said, “You have also seen it. On this side, it has painted mountains, rivers and oceans. However, Vashj’s plane cannot find so many. Large islands in mountains and rivers, there is no island with such a river, but it is painted so lifelike, like a painting.”
“According to my guess, if this is a painting at all, then he is On the back of the treasure map, this is just a painting that decorates the treasure map. The real treasure map is the back that has always been ignored by us.”
Justus rushed up and immediately took the treasure map. Turning over, we have also noticed the back of this treasure map before. Its back is just a design drawing of the magic pattern. It seems that the annotations on the side are really quite detailed.
Senior Dylan then explained to us about his conjecture.
When this treasure map was divided into two, this magic pattern The design drawing and important annotations of the magic circle are on the two remaining pages of the treasure map. They are now together, but no one