“You eat.”

“Hey, Diana, you are still so heroic and beautiful today. Will you go out for a drink together tonight?” Bobo, in a neat suit, had a flower in his mouth. Rose, a long slid kneeling came to the table, trembling hands offered flowers.
Diana, who was chewing cherries, didn’t care what her sister said. She giggled and patted the orangutan’s head: “Okay, I’ll go if you treat me.”
Bobo 南京桑拿会所 heard the affirmative reply and looked up again. Wonder Woman glanced, and was so happy that she was shaking all over, dancing breakdancing like an electric shock and leaving to prepare for a date. She didn’t even look at Donna from start to finish, let alone say hello.
Diana raised her eyebrows at Donna braggingly, as if to prove her charm is not immune to the orangutan, and then her gaze fell on the small wreath worn by Donna, and she stretched out her hand to take it off and put it on.
“This is not suitable for you, let me come.” She said, admiring the beautiful flowers in the sunshine outside the window. The flowers were also very winking, and she nodded slightly towards the beautiful queen of Amazon, as if she lowered in shame. head.
“Forget my flowers, it’s yours.” Donna bit her lip and backed down again. Then she saw his team is 南京龙凤论坛 coming in Titan’s friends, she suddenly happy, to stand up and greet us: “Nightwing, Vegas, ravens, everyone I come here, there are position it.”
Said , She also smiled and bent over and patted the seat next to her, as if she was trying to pat the dust off for everyone.
But the teammates all looked at her with 南京桑拿会所网 strange expressions, came to Diana’s side, took out a small book for Diana to sign, and said: “Wonder Woman, you are our idol, can you sign us? Thank you for tolerating our teammates. Donna is too weak and will only hold you back.”
Diana smiled happily. She picked up her pen and notebook and signed autographs to the admiring young people. She said, “Donna, although she is a waste, loser, and weak, she is still an Amazonian after all. As her Queen, as long