who was holding his dead daughter and crying bitterly, disappeared in the next second.

The dream slowly faded and disintegrated like quicksand, the death knell looked at the newspaper clippings on the table and fell silent for a while, and then took a step forward.
Chapter 2307 Awakening from a dream When I
walked out of the dream bubble, I saw Gordon kneeling on all fours, staring at the ground blankly, and 南京桑拿会所 panting violently.
Dr. Popo and Quezel were talking to him, trying to communicate, but the chief seemed to be unable to hear anything at this time.
“If you pull people from your dreams into the dreams of the universe, will you really be mentally shocked?” 南京夜生活论坛 Su Ming took off the gas mask and handed it to Lucian, who was staring at him. He squatted down to check Gordon’s pulse. and pupil, but also with the middle finger bomb a bomb earlobe old man: “but it seems that the spirit can not accept a little, a little slow on the right, he seems not crazy, this is a good sign.”
Bobo neatly and pull the pull from He took the pipe out of his pocket, smoked it and stuffed it into Gordon’s mouth, slapped the police officer on the back, making him take a few mouthfuls to be shocked.
The orangutan raised his face to the death knell and said, “Did we discover the hypnotic method of the Laughing Bat?”
“It should be the case. You shouldn’t know that you were not tied to the tower when Barbatos invaded.” Su Ming himself. I lighted a cigarette and took out a soda to pour Gordon a few sips: “It’s 南京夜生活spa论坛 just that the heroes had nightmares at that time. This time, the Laughing Bat made them have a sweet dream through virus and metal resonance.”
Xiaofu looked at it. As Gordon was gradually slowing down, he stopped slapping the back claws and pinched his chin and said:
“Is it a dream to help others make up for their regrets, so as to hypnotize the other person to gain trust? It seems a bit too Simple.”
“The Laughter Virus should be a three-in-one poison, in which laughing gas is one of the ingredients. Bat