hole. Eggs, once those worm eggs hatch, it will be a big trouble!

Therefore, 江苏桑拿论坛 when Ramos silently watched me transforming the Golden Sea Ship, he also revealed its meaning, that is, please help us to continue to remove the sandstone knotworms from the cave.
108. Vengeance Queen
“You mean you want me to continue to finish. What the pirate king Jack did not accomplish, regularly clean the sandstone knotworms in the wormhole for you?” I sat on a rock with my hands on my knees, my head on my knees, and my eyes widened to see the huge floating on the sea. Head, asked it.
“Exactly.” Ramos blinked a huge eye, it liked to enter my spiritual sea to communicate with me.
I secretly calculated what I was going to do next, and found that there were many things to do, such as completing my studies at the Royal Academy of Magic, obtaining the qualifications of an engraver in the magic guild, and rushing to Qiyan City with 南京桑拿夜网 soul gems and soul horns. Before graduation, I was also tasked with the task of building the town of Trom, otherwise I would lose that rich territory. In addition, I promised that the Duchess of Jingyue would join the army in the Northern Wind Corps after graduation. It was really busy. Don’t open it.
I scratched my hair in distress, and said to Ramos: “But I still have to finish my studies, and maybe take a break from school for a while, go to the wild swamp in the southern part of Qiyan Province to complete this experience, there is no way to help regularly. You clean up those sandstone knotworms.”
Ramos became very depressed, even too lazy to speak.
“Ramos, your physical condition doesn’t look so optimistic.” I said to Ramos, the mountain dragon turtle.
There was a dull sigh in the sea of ??spirit.
Ramos’ huge head is like a 南京夜生活论坛 reef on the sea. Its neck is completely immersed in the sea. Its breathing is very long. Every time it exhales, a whirlwind will rise to the sky on the sea, even the sea. It will be taken into the sky and will form a beautiful rainbow under the refr