me. The park is now, and after the overall reconstruction of the city, this is the first time he has entered the depths of the palace.

The overall circular hall is made up of white marbles. There are some corals and large shells as decorations. The night pearl acts as a light source. Between the palaces there are blocks of water that lead directly to the sea. When the city is on the sea, they It is a beautiful pond.
The sunlight shone on the water with colored lights, these light spots were reflected on the ceiling, and everything looked beautiful.
As the master, Arthur took the death knell 南京龙凤网 and walked across the long bridge to the throne room. It was Mela who was on the throne. She leaned against the throne with the trident in one hand, and beat the throne with the other hand. The 南京桑拿会所 armrest, as if waiting for her husband to report the situation.
Seeing Death Knell and Halle, she stood up to greet her, also very enthusiastic.
She and Hallie have basically never dealt with each other, but the death knell has saved Arthur more than once. She must be grateful:
“The death knell of another world, long time no see, welcome to Atlantis again, on behalf of me All the people welcome you.”
Su Ming smiled and shook hands with her, and took out a big wine gift bag from his pocket as a meeting gift: “It’s just not seen for a month, Mei La, don’t be so dismissive, although I also want to accept hospitality, but There is still some business to do now. Can I use Atlantis’ communication equipment? I need to contact the Justice League, but I don’t want to go to them one by one.”
Mela naturally knows what is happening on the 南京桑拿按摩网 coastline, otherwise it won’t. Let Arthur go check it out.
Seeing the death knell, she understood that things might not be easy, so she responded to the request to borrow equipment:
“Of course, please follow me.”
The communication equipment was placed in the war command center below the throne room, connected to the palace above through a secret staircase. After passing throug