his stomach and walked back. He mumbled as he walked, “How can I eat at once? Bad belly? Oh, no, I have to go! Wait for someone to help me with it!” In

the storage room behind the post office, the bald 南京桑拿按摩网 man gently wiped the envelope with his right hand, and the tightly glued opening naturally separated, exposing the inside. Stationery.
“Nothing special” The bald man 南京桑拿会所网 opened the letter, muttered to himself, and quickly recorded something in a small notebook.
After recording, he refolded the letter, glued the opening without any flaws, then took out a seal and placed it on the opening.
a small town near Stroop Forest.
Boom, boom, knock on the door.
“Who?” A young girl with flaxen hair is busy preparing dinner.
“Postman, your letter.” An unfamiliar male voice came.
The girl froze for a moment, looked out the window, and saw that it was the evening, and there were people everywhere, so she let go of her worry, and opened the door: “My letter? Where did you send it?”
“Lentat.” This The postman is an ordinary man who makes people unable to remember his appearance.
“Lentat? Brother’s letter!” The girl cheered up and opened the letter on the spot.
The postman didn’t stop her, but looked up 南京桑拿会所 the room quietly. A beetle crawled out of his trousers and into a crack in the wooden floor.
mayor’s house.
A stranger was looking at the old man opposite with a serious gaze: “I need to check the information of the townspeople in the entire town.”
“Yes, sir.” The old mayor doesn’t know what happened, but he recognizes the identity certificate and coat of arms. .

Lentat City Hall.
Several staff members are standing respectfully in front of a prominent figure.
“I need information about the entire Lentart bookstore.” The big man in a high position in a certain department of the empire said with a serious expression.
“Yes, sir.” The staff replied in unison.

Sky City, Allinge Magic Tower.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Committee member.” The arcanist guarding the Magician Ar