ht to the present, even if the opponent has been pushed back, the overall posture of the Triceratops has not changed much, and the movement of the footsteps has maintained a fast and steady rhythm.

“Secondly, look at the defense.
“Professional boxing defense is a very high-level skill; many people think that boxing is a simple sport where two people fight each other, but 南京龙凤网 in fact its technical content is much higher than that of many seemingly fancy sports, and’defensive skills’ are also It is the top priority of this one.
“Those who think this kind of sport is simple, if you are against a professional boxer, let alone a move, even if the opponent doesn’t make a punch, they will not be able to win because in the face of professional defensive skills, ordinary people’s punches are even more powerful than the opponent’s. The body can’t be touched.
“Of course, the Triceratops in front of us is not that powerful. He is an entry-level at best. So far, he is still defensively. ”
” Wait a minute. “Honghu interrupted at this time, “It’s not right to say,’Dripping water does not leak’, right? He pointed his finger in the direction of the ring, “Triceratops have been beaten.” ”
However, there is no’effective 江苏桑拿论坛 punch’ at all, isn’t it? “Snow continued,” “Professional-level punching is another matter. At least the punch of the corkscrew is 南京桑拿楼凤网 now hitting the arm or outside of the body, or if it is blocked by the glove, the damage will be almost It is negligible. ”
Not only did it harmless, on the contrary, it also caused his physical fitness to decline faster than the defender. “At this moment, Feng Bujue suddenly took over Snow’s words and said something like this.
“Heh” Snow smiled immediately, “So you know how to pretend to be garlic, right?” ”
” Yes. “Feng Bujue admitted indifferently, “I asked a question just now, just to take advantage of the situation to show off my knowledge in front of you two. Unexpectedly, you are also a sensible person, so this forced me to let you pretend. ”