tle bit reluctantly. Wooden door.

I put my hand on the wooden sliding door, lowered my head and smiled and asked Ella, “I don’t plan to try, those are all for you, but I didn’t expect that you would suddenly grow so tall if I haven’t seen you in a year. , Maybe some of the clothes are a little small, but it doesn’t matter, we can go to the tailor and change it!”
“These are all for me?” Ella asked 南京龙凤网 in surprise, her eyes widening.
“Yes, it’s all yours. I don’t want to. When you were in school, you only had one set of skirts and you were laughed at by your classmates.” I stretched out my hand and squeezed Ella’s cute face and said.
She said excitedly to Kalantuo, “This is my future home, my goodness, it’s so beautiful The living room with wool carpets and my own bedroom. Is this a kitchen? I will learn how to cook. This bathroom is so big. I think I should take a shower before putting on those beautiful clothes. , Mom, how about you?”
“Okay!” Kalantuo glanced at me secretly, his face flushed, probably thinking of the scene in the lounge in the cave underground.
147. The story in the restaurant (part 1)
never thought that when Kalancuo wore a long skirt, she would show such a soft side. She casually wore a long chestnut hair, and the fine hair made her show more With a trace 南京桑拿楼凤网 of wildness, that evening dress-like long skirt just wrapped up her plump breasts and round buttocks, and the other places were covered with hollow gauze.
Through that layer of veil, you can clearly see her flat lower abdomen and soft mermaid 南京夜生活论坛 line. Walking out of the dressing room, Kalancuo covered her chest with one hand in a slightly awkward manner. In front, I watched her up and down. , She asked me cautiously: “Is it not suitable for me to wear this long dress?”
I smiled, and walked over to gently lift her skirt, revealing the long round legs of wheat color. She appeared to be a little nervous leaning against the wall next to the closet, her body was slightly stiff, my hand touched her very elastic, strong an