Vashj. It is said that in the center of the Great Depths, there is a sea eye with a width of more than 100 miles on the seabed below a depth of 10,000 meters. Gushing out, this sea eye is the original power of the water element on Vashj’s plane.

The connecting channel formed by the plane of Vashj and the unjust prison is at the edge of the sea eye below the depth of 10,000 meters.
Originally, when those Faceless Warriors crawled out of the connecting channel, the body fluids in their bodies would be 江苏桑拿论坛 squeezed out of the body by huge water pressure instantly. Even the Faceless Warriors with a strength of more than one revolution would face the sea’s eyes. The water pressure will explode and die in an instant.
For a long time, the dark forces in the wrong prison could not enter the Vashj plane through the bottomless abyss connecting channel. It is precisely because the exit of the connecting passage is near the sea eye that the body of the Faceless Warrior cannot resist the extreme natural environment of the Bottomless Abyss, and thus cannot set foot on the plane of Vashj.
After hundreds of years of time changes, a certain wise man in the Faceless Legion of the dark forces finally thought of a way. They let the Faceless Warriors bring a kind of devil coral flower that is unique in the sea of ??death in the wrong prison to the link channel. At the exit, these devil coral flowers belong to the lowest dark monsters, 南京桑拿会所 and they belong to the lowest existence in the food chain. They have no abilities themselves. Their only characteristic is their tenacious vitality, and they have strong adaptability to any sea area and any environment. They have extremely strong fertility.
The life cycle of the devil coral flowers is extremely short. They are only about three to five days from birth to death. After the death of these devil coral flowers, the corpses will attach to the surface of the rock and rapidly petrify, forming a horror like the face of a devil on the rock surface. Pattern, so it was named Devi