mes, because of the preparation of certain magic potions, the magic scholars may have various unpleasant smells in the house. They need this. Maybe we can promote this thing to the major magic schools in the Green Empire. I Energy is limited, so I would like to ask you to help me. You can become my partner.”

Neither I nor Qige can spend too much energy on such a small device. We need someone who is good at business The partner of Zhidao, I originally wanted to write to Ma and ask him to come to the Imperial Capital to help me, but now it seems that Mrs. Alia is a better choice.
She frowned and thought seriously. There was a focused and mature beauty She stretched out a finger and rubbed her temple. 南京桑拿会所 Mrs. Alia said: “If you choose me to cooperate with you, it is likely to be bought in the market. not see any symbol board, maybe we should do it yourself or perhaps break the metal plate. ”
I was a bit worried and asked:”? you mean Babington family will not be willing to sell us the symbol plate ” ”
is not not sell, But during the war on the plane, the industrial system of San Carlos City has been completely paralyzed.” Mrs. Alia said.
She rubbed the rough wooden louver box with her hand, frowned slightly, and explained to me: “Babington is in the industrial empire of San Carlos. It’s almost decayed. If it weren’t for the continuous delivery of new resources from those rich planes, perhaps the Babington family would be struggling to make ends meet. I don’t know one day, this huge and bloated industrial empire would collapse, and now Like other dukes, 南京夜生活论坛 they were all trapped in the quagmire of war. Eight out of ten of the mines on Angela’s multiple planes were in a state of suspension, and the production of Mithril dropped sharply to the lowest level in recent decades. Mythril ore is not enough to supplement the loss of magic weapons on the battlefield. The entire industrial empire is almost paralyzed. God knows how long they can last.”
Speaking of the design of life-like magic items, I talked