the warehouse, gnawing on a piece of wheat cake. At this time, he saw the Rand Knight lying on the deck, and was stunned. The wheat cake he was holding, I wonder if he should Put it in your mouth.

Kalantso jumped directly from the attic to the 南京夜生活论坛 deck and shouted at Luca who didn’t know what had happened: “Luca, put on your heavy armor and prepare to fight! It’s time for us to hunt.” 南京桑拿楼凤网
Luca Pointing to the sea outside the ship with a look of suspicion, and then said to Kalancuo: “Now?”
Kalancuo nodded.
Luka asked again: “On the sea?”
Kalantuo nodded again.
Luca roared: “Okay!”
Simple, decisive and refreshing.
The tauren stood up from the deck without hesitation, turned around and dragged out an iron box from the warehouse where he lived, opened the lid, and revealed a set of exquisite heavy armor, each of which was forged from black iron. Cheng, it was plated with a layer of fine gold magic patterns, which looked like a huge steel puppet.
We walked to the deck as a group. Jacques and Joan wanted to join in when they heard about our actions, but they had no combat experience at all, so I am willing to let them take risks so easily.
I found a reason to let Jacques stay on the Bellin, that is, he wants 南京桑拿会所网 Jacques to pilot the Bellin ready to meet us at any time. Jacques readily agreed and assured me that his driving skills are sufficient for the Bellin.
With seawater dripping from her wet hair, Catalina flexibly flipped from the side of the ship to the deck. She lightly flipped through several railings on the deck and came to me. Those obstacles were in Catalina. In his eyes, it seemed to be no different from the flat ground.
31. Mageweave
Construction Catalina brought some news about the secret conversation between Brondi and Johnny Jones.
Captain Brondi complained that Johnny Jones, the captain of the slave ship, did not act as agreed. At the risk of being discovered by the Mensa family fleet, the Bellan wandered at the abandoned reef dock in Galapagos for half a month, and finally w