h not to try this kind of adventure, and I was afraid that my persuasion would be counterproductive. In fact, I can understand the entanglement in Rand Knight’s heart at this moment.

Perhaps in Noah’s thoughts, the people who stayed might be regarded as cowards, and that’s why there are such big ones. reaction.
But 南京桑拿会所网 I must persuade him to stay. He has no experience fighting in the cave.
So I said to him: “Listen to me, Noah, you don’t need so many 南京龙凤网 people to enter this cave. You and the Knight Rand will stay and guard this cave well. I am worried that if the bugs can’t stop us from exploring, maybe It will destroy the entrance of the cave. At that time, we may be trapped inside and cannot find the real exit, so someone must stay and help me guard the exit.”
Noah just wanted to refute, I immediately said, “Don’t tell me It’s a fight, you take the Rand Knights to stay here and help me guard the back. Once we are in danger, we will send you a magic signal, and we are not going into the cave to kill the sandstone knotworms, we just check it out , Is there any Pirate King’s treasure in it, as long as we find out the situation, we will come out immediately, oh, senior Dylan, you must stay and cope with it, Noah and the others need your teleporting scroll.”
“Then you don’t get involved 南京桑拿夜网 easily. If we find danger, we will retreat immediately. Our ship will soon be on Haus Khuf Island. When we get there, we will have enough manpower to explore the island. We can borrow the soldiers from Earl Earl. “Noah said to me.
I patted him on the shoulder and comforted him: “I see, don’t worry, Luca will protect me! Isn’t it,
Luca ?” “Jiga, I am in the name of the ancestor of the tauren Swear, I will protect you.” Tauren said seriously.
I want to stand on tiptoe and reach out to cover the tauren’s mouth, but he is too tall.
So I can only say: “Hey hey hey! You are fine, don’t always swear in the name of ancestors, it makes us seem to have no trust at all, let’s go!”
Tauren Luca is good at everythin