y head had already rushed in front of the second rank powerhouse, and the sharp ice gun exploded directly on top of his head. There was ice scum on his body, and he was frozen in place at this moment.

Luca’s cleave slashed hard and slashed to 南京龙凤论坛 his shoulders, and the sharp black iron weapon cut out a hole in the hard leather armor on his shoulders, and red blood leaked from it. The strong roared with one hand. Grabbing the moonblade axe weighing several hundred jins, clenched his other hand into a fist, and smashed it at Luca.
Vampire kiss
The vampire Countess with a sense of stature reappeared behind the strong man. Her face was extremely pale, her pupils were filled with a breath of death, and the corners of her mouth showed two sharp blood-sucking fangs. Her Chiguo’s body was hidden in layers of black mist, and her eyes were filled with incomparable hatred. A six-pointed star array like a cage.
When the strong man turned around, his eyes met the deadly eyes of the vampire Countess, and he was instantly enveloped by the breath of death.
“Ah!” he yelled.
There was a cruel grin on the face of the Countess Dracula, and his bright red lips were printed on his neck. Yin Hong’s blood flowed down the corner of the 南京桑拿按摩网 Countess Dracula’s mouth, and the countess of the Dracula became flushed.
The second-tier powerhouse wanted to show a bear hug to the Countess Dracula, but she was sensitive to avoid it. There were more bloody holes in his neck, and he touched his neck angrily, wrapping it in white. Shuang’s hands were covered with blood.
There was a trace of blood on the face of the Countess Vampire, she glanced back at Su with satisfaction, and said: “Well, this time is not bad. The sacrifice to this earl tastes just right, this earl will forgive you for your recklessness last time. And unreasonable.”
Her body hidden in the shadow cage appeared from time to time, and said with contempt to the second-turned powerhouse: “Huh, after the second transfer of human beings, the strength of the combatants