er suit on the double-headed flaming snake lizard’s leather armor. I’m going to design a magic pattern like that with classic attributes so that every master can draw the magic pattern that I designed. When you install it, you have to print my exclusive mark.”

When he said this, there was an extremely hot light in his eyes.
It turns out that Yerkes Scholar’s ??dream is like this. It’s no wonder that he shut himself in the laboratory and kept drawing those basic magic pattern construction drawings. He wanted to design a set of basic magic pattern constructions that surpassed those classics. .
When I walked out of the Yerkes Scholar Lab, I couldn’t help thinking: If Yerkes Scholar’s ??hands and his own magic cultivation were not restricting him, maybe 南京桑拿按摩网 he could go further on the road of Mingshi, maybe early He became a master-level figure in the field of Mingxue.
Walked into the laboratory of Sindji University. As a famous scholar in the field of bioengineering at the Imperial Capital Institute of Magic, Sindji didn’t have time to pay attention to my kind of small fish and shrimp. He casually sent a magic assistant around him and took me to see it. Deborah.
It was a strange feeling. Standing next to her, I seemed to be able to feel the harpy in the nutrient trough a little irritable.
A trace of horrible darkness permeated the warehouse next to the laboratory, making this large warehouse look a bit gloomy. There was only such a glass pouring body in this warehouse. The one who was responsible for cleaning the magic laboratory for Sindji University The assistant stood far away, and he flinched so 南京夜生活论坛 hard to lean over.
Deborah originally possessed a violent beast breath in her body. Now that she has merged with such a body, she is now infected with a strong dark breath. Although she is trapped in this glassware to heal her wounds, she exudes a dangerous breath no less than A second-level monster, the magic assistant was so oppressed by this powerful breath that he didn’t even dare to appro