. The ground jumps flexibly between the fingers, and rolls flexibly between the fingers, just like when I was in school, I practiced pen-turning in self-study class, the magical force was like beneficial vitality between the five fingers of my palm Jumping and dancing, I was a little too focused, and I didn’t find anyone coming. Originally, I hid in sister Guoguo’s tent to avoid being disturbed. The curtain of the tent was gently opened, revealing sister Guoguo’s white face. Winked at me.

But I look silly at this time, like a perverted hand fetish. Sitting cross-legged in the tent, he stretched out a hand and stared sillyly. I didn’t expect that Sister Guo Guo would bring outsiders at this time, but couldn’t react on the spot. Sister Guoguo waved to me gently and said, “Come out, I’ve found a physical teacher for you, and you will call him Jangbach!”

After that night, Sister Guoguo treated me like a brother. Not only did she teach me some magic knowledge in private, she also paid close attention to my daily life. She even changed my underwear and underwear with her spare shirt, and said that boys 南京龙凤论坛 wearing leather pants with bare legs would affect that in the future. Almost fainted with shame. Sister Guoguo’s tailoring skills are not satisfactory. She didn’t even change the lace on the collar and cuffs of the shirt. She changed it to a small size and put it on for me. In addition, the white panties were even more pitiful. With tight-legged six-quarter pants, I think I’m a bit stupid like a white chicken on the assembly line.
Jangbach was a little curious about me, and I was so curious about him. He was two meters away, and he was considered the largest man in the entire caravan. When hunting that day, I saw him wearing a full-covered black iron armor, holding a door-sized square shield in one hand, and a delicate one-handed 南京龙凤网 hammer hanging from his waist. He was so handsome riding on Gubolai. At this time, he was only wearing simple 南京夜生活spa论坛 leather armor, with the strong bronze muscles on his arms exp