nk we met here. What a coincidence!”

Dayi stopped a little farther, very gentlemanly, and let Wu Niang, who has short hair, walked up alone to greet Qige. Wu Niang said that, I don’t think the nine girls in the dance group seem familiar! Qige turned her head to look at Wu Niang quietly, and laughed before she spoke. Her pure and innocent appearance looked very natural and charmingly said: “Who said no? It takes more than a month to enter the mountain. People are 南京桑拿夜网 suffocated. Shada, do you come here for dinner with your friends? The lamb leg here is pretty good, but I recommend you to try it.”

Then he pointed at me and said, “This is the brother I just recognized. I heard that it was picked up by the caravan from the burnt-out forest. My sister Guoguo Magician and I were very close to each other, and I also recognized my younger brother. Jia,
say hello to Sister Sha!” I naturally pretended to be obedient. She stood up and gave a bow and obediently yelled: “Sister Sha!” The
dancer Shada kept smiling without changing her face, as if she nodded at me. Then he turned around and looked at Dayi, and said generously to Qige: “My brother and I are old acquaintances. This is how we strolled around the free market with their noble sons. If there is nothing wrong with us, how about we? ”
Next time!” Qige smiled charmingly, and declined to say: “We have almost eaten, and we want to go out for shopping.” After
Wu Niang was rejected by Qige, she didn’t hold back much, and politely spoke to Qige. Head, he returned to the young noble son. Dayi was still staring at Catalina at this time. Wu Niang 南京桑拿会所网 glared at him when she walked back, and pulled him vigorously before taking his gaze back and turning away angrily.
As the saying goes, it’s the one who is holding the bowl and looking at the one in the pot. A wife is better than a concubine, a concubine is better than stealing, and a steal is better than not stealing. The Mora, who has been chased by Da Yi, is like this in many dance troupes. You need to be ca