uld add a title to his speech, that is, my fucking mother just bought a new computer, but the network cable was caught by someone else. The pain of being cut.

And when Clendo III said this sentence, his eyes cast from time to time to Elder Sefarn who was standing next to Joe Xiu, as if implying something.
“Ah, I think the gift from the Blackwood Elves can solve this problem for you.”
Qiao Xiu felt that this was no longer a hint, and it could be said to be a clear robbery. After all, the elves are well known to have the shelter of the World Tree.
“Great human king, I am here to pay tribute to your courtier, Duke Kuroki, for giving us shelter.”
A tender green leaf appeared in the hands of Elder Sefaen, and Crundo III immediately ordered his attendants to Sefa In front of Elder En, handed 南京419论坛 over the leaves of the world tree to him.
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters sell
“and welcome to today’s news Nolan daytime, I was Procrustes news yesterday, according to our station reporter, the news about the reform of the education system Nolan four institutions of higher education has been officially confirmed”
Prune Kurt’s unique bass spanned tens of millions of miles, reverberating in the royal court of Faloxi.
Clundo III and his ministers raised their heads and looked at the image floating in mid-air.
“This is the actor who played Lyon in this demon not too cold. Is this a new movie?”
Clendo III stared at the screen for a moment, and immediately recognized the man in the screen holding the manuscript and using The man who reads the contents of the manuscript one by one by the comfortable bass is precisely in the 南京龙凤网 hands of the somewhat dull demon killer while the demon is not too cold.
“Your Majesty, this is not a movie, but a TV show called news.” Qiao Xiu said.
“News, I’ve heard this on TV shows.” When Clendo III heard Qiao Xiu mentioning the keyword news, his emotions became a little bit agitated. “The Voice of Nolan, the three princes, Qiao Xiu, just click on one of the programs