he only difference between the two is that Yang Pan likes to be active, while Klue likes to be passive.

“He once said to you that he hopes you will take over as the captain.” There is still no change in expression and tone.
At the FIFA awards ceremony on December 21 last year, Zhang Jun, Yang Pan, Li Yongle, Kru, Xiang Tao, Anke, Kaka and others gathered together at the banquet. Zhang Jun once entrusted the national team to Yang Pan very solemnly, hoping 南京炮网 that he would wear the captain’s armband again anyway. Yang Pan agreed with a smile, and all those present were witnesses.
This is the last thing Zhang Jun can do for the national team. He hopes that the national team can make a smooth transition without him. The World Cup qualifiers will begin soon. The defending champion cannot directly enter the finals. Zhang Jun did not want the Chinese team to become the first defending champion ever to fail to enter the finals. That would be shameful.
Yang Pan smiled and said: “I can understand his feelings, but you have also seen that if I am a captain, I can’t be moved by my will. I want to do it, but unless someone can help me persuade Ed Wo Carter and Chen Wei.”
Crewe stared at Yang Pan for a long time, and Yang Pan did not back down to meet the opponent’s line of sight.
For a long time, Crewe continued: “I don’t like you more and more now.”
Yang Pan smiled and shrugged. On the one hand, he didn’t know what to say. After all, the other party was Zhang Jun’s good friend, and he was Zhang Jun’s good friend. You can’t 南京水磨会所 let Zhang Jun get caught in the middle for some trivial things; on the other hand, he There is no need to say anything to Crewe. He knows what he is doing. He doesn’t want everyone to understand, it will break his plan.
Pan Yang has always felt that there are some problems with the training of the national team. Ed Wocart cares about physical training. In fact, this is not what makes Yang Pan feel strange. After all, every coach has a certain bias and personal style. It was Ed