ree, Cao Guogong Li Shan taught his son nowhere, and withdrew his country’s dukedom and changed it to the county lord.

The pain in Li Shan’s heart, and now he has the idea of ??strangling that unscrupulous child, and he also knows that this board is not only to hit himself, but also to all the nobles. It is to let all the nobles know and dare not. Honestly, if you want to cut you, cut you.
This time, it can indeed kill chickens and monkeys, shocking many noble children, and correcting the social atmosphere.
As for how Li Yan handled it, it didn’t really matter anymore. If he was exiled and served as an army, the Cao family died as his son.
The news spread quickly in the capital, and everyone knew it in a short time. Not only did they 南京夜生活论坛 know the details, but even Ning Caichen was able to inquire clearly about the two daughters of Shangshu in the rescue department.
Of course, they didn’t believe that Fu Tianchou, Shangshu of the Ministry of War, did this thing. He didn’t seem to have that much energy yet.
So who exactly is Ning Caichen?
After using the healing talisman, Ning Caichen’s injury quickly healed. Zhu Guang looked at Ning Caichen with a smile and said, “I was told by someone just now. I heard that you are coming to the capital and want to invite you to drink tea.”
“Who is it? , I don’t seem to have any acquaintances in the capital.” Ning Caichen said in surprise.
“Hehe, you really have acquaintances, you know them very well, come with me, you will know when you arrive.” Zhu Guang said.
Followed Zhu Guang to a big house, walked into the house to the back garden, 南京龙凤网 and saw an old man sitting by the garden, smiling at Ning Caichen.
“Ah, it’s Senior Zhuge!”
Ning Caichen’s eyes were a little hot.
The two had spent more than a year in prison together. 南京桑拿会所 If it weren’t for Zhuge’s old man, Ning Caichen would have been unable to survive. Later, the old man enlightened him and taught him knowledge. It can be said that Zhuge old man is his teacher, and the two of them are ve