didn’t help much this time,” Amone smiled and shook his head. “It just analyzed a lot of useless nonsense, but it brought you new questions.”

“New questions.” 南京品茶网 Sometimes it is a harvest in itself, which means that one day in the future, there will be new clues that will become the key to the truth.” Gao Wen said with a smile, and a light golden light curtain has gradually opened behind him.
But just before he was about to log out of the neural network, Enya suddenly spoke: “Do you remember what I said when I first saw Amber?”
“The first time I saw Amber?” Gao Wen was stunned. “You mean when you were in Tarrond.”
“She claimed to be the goddess of the Shadow Goddess, but at the time I didn’t perceive the breath of the goddess from her, but even so, I still feel that she is very Special.”
“I remember.” The almost forgotten memory suddenly came to mind, and Gao Wen immediately stopped logging out of the network. “You haven’t explained where she is special.”
“Her soul Light and void 南京水磨会所 like a phantom, yet maintained in a very stable state. I don’t know if it’s because of her origin as a human being, because it’s difficult to find a second individual like her in this world,” Enya Speaking slowly, her words made Gao Wen’s expression a little serious, “Now she is involved in the unknown’high-level existence’, and has established contact with Ms. Ye’s kingdom of God, my friends, her special features are already complicated. To the extent that it cannot be explained, the’special’ itself is her special.
“So take care of her. After all, she has been entangled with so many mysteries. If these mysteries are really a whirlpool, then I am afraid that it is only you. To pull her out. ”
Chapter 1244 The door gradually opened. The
pale golden curtain was like a barrier separating reality and illusion. It was silently 南京419论坛 gathered under the golden oak tree. Gawain’s figure disappeared in the fallen leaves rolled up by the breeze, and the square followed Quiet was restored.
Beside the square table, the